Significant Investor Visas

Australian residency through investing

Significant Investor Visa

Subclass 188

Making a significant investment in Australian businesses has become a well-travelled pathway for high net worth international investors looking to secure permanent residence in Australia. Yet, it’s a highly complex process and one that requires legal expertise across both the financial and migration landscapes.

Bespoke and boutique

As a boutique law firm with expertise and a proven track record across all Visa classes, we’ve built a strong reputation on business investor based visas including significant investor visas, as well as regional and employer sponsored migration. We help business owners in Australia fill vacancies by employing skilled workers from overseas. We continually monitor and advise on domestic and international political and economic drivers that impact migration to Australia.
With this focus, we have earned deep experience across business and investor migration opportunities, particularly with business owners and investors from China.

Cultural sensitivity

With a multi-lingual, culturally-aware team, we’re fluent in English, Mandarin, French, and Bulgarian. We respect cultural nuances and are culturally sensitive in all our communications with you.

The 188 Visa at a glance

For high net worth, international investors, Significant Investor Visas Subclass 188 are valid for 4 years and offer pathways to Australian permanent residence. As, once you’ve maintained your investment for four years, you can apply for permanent residency under the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa, Subclass 888.

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