Appeals and Ministerial Applications

Ministerial intervention and Appeals

If you’ve had your visa cancelled or your application refused, you may think it’s the end of the world. But, we take a more pragmatic approach and tend to look at refusals or cancellations as an opportunity to get matters right for you and/or your business by way of review or appeal to the relevant tribunal or court, or by way if ministerial intervention as per your specific needs.

Strong track record

Over the years, LRG Lawyers has built a strong track record with submissions for Ministerial Intervention, Administrative Appeals Tribunal review, as well as judicial review applications.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) review

In each case, we fully review the matter and the merits of the decision before advising whether the case is eligible for review, and the likelihood of success.

Prepare and lodge submissions

After a thorough review of the refusal or cancellation, we can prepare and lodge detailed applications and written submissions with the AAT. We can also help you understand and prepare for the hearing process and represent you at the hearing, so you can present your case in the best light.

Judicial reviews

If you’ve had a decision refused in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, we may be able to identify and advise you on other options you may pursue such as an appeal to the Federal Circuit Court where there has been an error of law, as well as to the higher courts thereafter as your specific case requires.

Experience that matters

With our extensive knowledge and understanding of migration law, we can study the law around the decision, identifying any areas where a mistake has been made in applying the law in decision-making process; Then work towards the right decision for your application.

Ministerial intervention

We also provide expert advice and representation in applications to the Minister of Immigration who has the power to intervene in all Visa-related matters. With our expert advice and representation, you can maximise your chances of success.

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